Kinta's photo albumn


RUNNER UP BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP - 3rd and 4th October 2015 - JUDGES:  Mr S Schwerdt (SA) and Miss B Daines (NSW)
BEST IN GROUP - Judge: Mr G Doyle (NZ) BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW - Judge:  Mrs Sue Bruno
BEST IN GROUP - Judge Mrs Margaret Broughton RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW - Judge: Mr Pieter Tjerkstra
Kinta enjoying a swim
Kinta and Jonathan - 05.10.14 Kinta and Irene - 05.10.14
Kinta winning Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Show - Judge:  Mr J Rice
Jonathan does the first two legs of Kinta's Endurance even though he was very ill Sue helps out and handles Kinta on the last leg of her Endurance Test
Aust Bred in Show - Judge: Mrs J Butterfield (SA) Aust Bred in Show - Judge:  Mrs A Vandersteen (SA)
  David and Kinta
Kinta the day we picked her up from the airport Kinta being sociable at the nursing home where our dear friend David is.

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