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February 2010

6/2/10    Bundaberg (Mr W Mooney (Vic)) Best of Breed, Junior in Group and Junior in Show
7/2/10    Bundaberg (Mrs D Haseldine (SA)) Best of Breed, Junior in Group and Junior in Show

May 2009
28/5/09    Bundaberg (Mr J Sherri) - Ozzy receives his Aust Champion title.

  9/5/09    Mundubbera (Mr G Kerr) Puppy in Show
22/5/09    Maryborough (Ms G Alexander (Vic)) Puppy in Group
28/5/09    Bundaberg (Mr J Sherri) Puppy in Group

April 2009

11/4/09    Gladstone (Mrs S Bruno) Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group
12/4/09    Bundaberg (Mr D Johnson) Aust Bred in Group

11/4/09    Gladstone (Mrs S Bruno / Mrs A Vandersteen) Puppy in Show
12/4/09    Bundaberg (Mr D Johnson) Puppy in Group
13/4/09    Bundaberg (Mr L Heilmann / Mr D Johnson) Puppy in Show
18/4/09    Mt Perry (Mr A McQuire) Puppy in Show

March 2009

1/3/09     Gympie (Mrs C  Roberts) Ando received his Aust Champion title.

Ozzy's first shows in the All Breed ring sees him get awarded:
14/3/09    Best Exhibit in Group
21/3/09    Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group
28/3/09    Runner Up Best Exhibit in Group

Naturally we are very happy with Ozzy's performance.

22nd & 23rd November 2008

Coco goes to her first show in top competition at the Spring Fair and received 7th place on day one under Mr G Pettinaroli SV (Italy) and 3rd place on day two under Mr F P Knaul SV (Gmy). 

Bobbie received 3rd place in Open dog on day one under Mr F P Knaul and 10th place on day two under Mr G Pettinaroli.

Basko receives 4th place in intermediate class under Mr G Pettinaroli

1st October 2008

Keesha's results arrive for her hip/elbow x-rays.  Great score of 0,0 0,0 through the AVA.

7th June 2008

Keesha goes to the Belgian Specialist show and receives Junior in Show with a grading of Excellent.


24th May 2008

Keesha receives her Australian Champion title.

25th November 2007

Basko gets called in 2nd and finishes 4th at the Spring Fair.

5th April 2007

Ando gets a birthday present of getting his hips/elbows x-rayed and passes with a score of 0,1 hips and 0,0 elbows.

24-25th February 2007

Ando receives 1st in puppy dog and reserve dog under judge, Pieter Tjerkstra.  Thank you Lyn for your usual top class handling.  He wouldn't listen to Lyn (he is a bit arrogant like his Dad use to be) and she still managed to do well with him.  Thanks also to Sister Jeannie for coming to the rescue and taking this lovely picture.

To top it off, his mother (Maddie) went through breed survey and received Breed Survey Class 1 from surveyor Russell Wenham.


25th November 2006

Ando received 2nd place on Day 1 of the Spring Fair under UK judge, Steve Cox.  It was decided not to put him in on Day 2 due to the heat.



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