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Fanto goes into a Veterans class @ 10 1/2 years of age.  Still enjoyed himself strutting his stuff and receives 2nd place. 


VA Aust Ch. Fanto vom Team Fiemereck 'a' 'Z' H-neg SchH2 Kkl.1 BSCL.1 (imp.Gmy)

2007 Queensland Sieger

Sire:  V Saber vom Steffen Haus SchH3  Dam:  V Magda vom Fiemereck SchH1


Fanto was imported from Germany in 2004 and was picked because of his lovely producing bloodlines.  His grandfather (on the father's side) being the 1994 German Junior Sieger, Zapp vom Monchberg.  Zapp being by Natz vom Steigerhof who, in his producing days, was producing some of Germany's top animals.  Natz is a bonus is any pedigree.  


Fanto's half sister Oduscha vom Team Fiemereck (same mother) who received VA8 at the 2006 German Sieger Show.


Highlights of Fanto's German Survey reads:

Above medium size, strong dog with good topline, good lay and length of croup, very good angulations, balanced chest proportions.  Stands correct in front. Steps correct both front and rear.  Shows very roomy gait.  Confident character, TSB pronounced. Dog releases.  Fanto is 64cm.

Fanto and Irene relaxing shortly after Fanto being released from quarantine.

Below - Fanto and his kids on the move.


A Fanto daughter,
Der Ingolsta Exquisite

A Fanto son,
Masterton Phar Lapp (Bobbie)


Pedigree of: VA Aust Champion Fanto Vom Team Fiemereck 'a' 'Z' H-Neg SchH2 Kkl1 (imp.Gmy) BSCL.1

Sex Male Reg No. SZ2073652
Date of Birth 21/10/2000 Breed German Shepherd
Owner Judith & Irene Hayton Breeder Jürgen Wicht
Colour & Markings Black/Gold Call Name Fanto
Saber vom Steffen Haus SchH3 Magda vom Fiemereck SchH1  
V Saber Vom Steffen-Haus SchH3 VA Zapp Vom Monchberg SchH3 FH1 VA Natz V. Steigerhof SchH3 V Nutz V. Monchberg SchH3
V Paola V.D. Murrenhutte SchH1
Julchen Vom Monchberg SchH1 Zigo Wienerau SchH3
Narzisse Monchberg SchH3 FH
Sarah Vom Nassauer Berg SchH3 Largo Vom Breidenbacher-Schloß SchH3 Xanto Vom Grauen SchH3
Desiree Vom Breidenbacher-Schloß SchH1
Laika Vom Nassauer Berg SchH2 Amigo Vom Belgier SchH3
Caika Vom Nassauer Berg SchH1
V Magda Vom Fiemereck SchH1 Jascho Vom Fiemereck SchH3 FH1 VA Max Della Loggia Dei Mercanti SchH3 VA Visum V. Arminius SchH3
Luna Dell 'isola Dei Baroni SchH1
Häsel Vom Fiemereck SchH3 IP2 84 & 85 Sieger Uran Vom Wildsteiger Land SchH3 FH
Zasta Vom Fiemereck SchH3
Afra von der Rheder Ems SchH1 Tacko von der Wienerau SchH3 Nufo von der Wienerau SchH3
Xandra von der Wienerau SchH3
Jonna von der Wienerau SchH1 Jello von der Wienerau SchH3
Zanga von der Wienerau SchH1


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