Coco @ 4 months of age

Coco @  5 1/2 months of age

We would like to thank Noreen from Kazkira Kennels for taking the above pictures.



Coco receives Breed Survey Class 1 (21 February 2010)
Surveyor: Mr Louis Donald (SV)

Thank you to Jordi for taking the pictures @ the survey - Coco was 6 weeks in whelp when she was presented for survey.

Aust. Champion Zellburg Scarlett 'A' 'Z' BSCL.1

Coco has over 100 challenge points by 11 months of age.

Sire:  Igor v Pallas Athene 'a' 'Z' BSCL.1 (imp.Gmy)  Dam:  Zellburg Rixy 'A' 'Z'

  We would also like to thank Tony Sheppard for allowing us to purchase this beautiful puppy. 

Pedigree of: Zellburg Scarlett
Sex F Reg No.  
Date of Birth 10/6/2008 Breed German Shepherd
Owner Judith & Irene Hayton Breeder Anthony Sheppard
Colour & Markings Black/Gold Call Name Coco
Igor Rixy  
Igor V Pallas Athene 'a' 'Z' Bscl.1 (imp.Gmy) V10 Drago von Pallas Athene SchH3 V4 Romeo V Pallas Athene SchH3 VA7 Quartz Dei Templari SchH3
V Ginja vd Maibuchen SchH3
V Hilka Vom Monchberg SchH1 VA5 (Spain) Enzo Vom Schornfelsen SchH3
Paula Vom Monchberg SchH1
V Ilexa Vom Schlob Querenburg SchH2 VA2 Timo Vom Berrekasten SchH3 IPO3 FH2 V11 Wanko Vom Lippischen Norden SchH3 IP3 FH2
V Leska Vom Berrekasten SchH1
V Wenke Vom Schlob Querenburg SchH2 V22 Nicco von Arlett SchH3 FH IP3
SG Odessa Vom Schlob Querenburg SchH2
Zellburg Rixy 'A' 'Z' V Samurai V Forsthaus Hattlich 'A' 'Z' Bscl.1 V4 Romeo V Pallas Athene SchH3 VA7 (VA1 Italy) Quartz Dei Templari SchH3
V Ginja vd Maibuchen SchH3
SG Vendy V Forsthaus Hattlich SchH1 V Flick V Arlett SchH3
V Wespe V Forsthaus Hattlich SchH1
Hagenstolz Dinkum Dice 'A' 1:3 'Z' 0:0 Bscl.1 Aust. Sieger Troy vd Noriswand 'A' 'Z' Bscl.1 V Hinnerk V Kiemoor SchH3
Jenny V Falltor SchH1
Hagenstolz Zena 'A' 3:3 'Z' 0:0 Bscl.1 Alk Vom Domenica SchH1 Bscl.1 (imp.Gmy)
Hagenstolz Jerry Hall 'Z' Bscl.1





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